ASSET MANAGEMENT BC NEWSLETTER (Winter 2018): Rossland’s Asset Management Planning Takes Centre Stage at Asset Management BC Conference

Engaging in Asset Management: The Rossland Story

The City of Rossland’s efforts to create a strong policy and decision-making framework for municipal asset management took centre stage at the 2017 Asset Management BC Conference in Richmond in November 2017 as Rossland’s mayor and chief administrative officer delivered the day’s keynote speech.

“There’s going to be a huge … chart that says, ‘This is how much money it’s going to cost us to do things and this is how much money we actually have to do things’. So what the policies are going to allow us to do is to sit down and talk about risk, talk about deferment of projects, talk about how we’re going to fund projects, talk about the strategy on property taxation and user fees,” explained Bryan Teasdale, Rossland’s CAO.


To read the complete article, download the Winter 2018 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.

Also, download the co-presentation by Mayor Moore and CAO Teasdale on Engaging in Asset Management: The Rossland Story

Mayor Kathy Moore and CAO Bryan Teasdale recapped Rossland’s asset and infrastructure planning (photo credit: Asset Management BC)