Asset Management BC Creates Formal Partnership to Help Drive Integrated Asset Management

Note to Reader:

Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework was released by the government of BC and UBCM in 2015. The BC Framework goes to the heart of what local government does on an everyday basis. The BC Framework sets a strategic direction that refocuses business processes on outcomes that reduce life-cycle costs and risks. 

Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework


“Asset Management is an integrated function across the depth of our organizations. Our physical assets are vital to the services we provide for our communities. With aging infrastructure, the need to plan for organize upgrade and replacement of our assets is vital. But how?

“Asset Management BC (AM BC) evolved out of the need for information sharing and knowledge transfer across our many disciplines and skill sets delivering our local services. To bring the disciplines together AM BC formed a Working Group as an advisory panel on what our communities need. Participants are dedicated individuals from our professional associations, th Province of BC, all forms of local government in BC, First Nations and Aboriginal and Northern Affairs.

“Over several years, the knowledge base of asset management increased and was shared primarily through AM BC, including the development of tools and offering training programs. As asset management became a requirement in funding programs, AM BC became the focus for information including the core BC document Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework.

“A formal partnership has now evolved to help drive ‘integrated asset management’. The partnership brings together core groups, all with a strong commitment individually and collective to asset management. The Partnership Committee includes:

  • Union of British Columbia Municipalities
  • Province of BC (Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
  • Local Government Management Association of BC
  • Local Government Management Association
  • Government Finance Officers Association of BC
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC
  • Planning Institute of BC
  • British Columbia Water & Waste Association
  • Public Works Association of BC
  • CivicInfo BC

“Representatives of each of the above groups form a Partnership Committee and contribute financially to support Asset Management BC. UBCM provides an administrative role. AM BC will continue with its own Executive Director.

“AM BC will rely on the AM Working Group, which has helped define our community needs for asset management since the beginning. The group is a ‘Community of Practice’ and includes all partners listed above plus other like Associations, all forms of local governments in BC, First Nations and Aboriginal and Affairs. This continues to be a group of very enthusiastic and committed people who generate great ideas and direction. The strengthened Asset Management BC will continue to provide resources, training conferences, assistance and advice to our BC communities. We are here for one purpose – information transfer and knowledge sharing for you,” concludes the announcement by AM BC.