Liuzhou Forest City Master Plan Breaks Ground in China

Liuzhou Forest City, China. CREDIT: Stefano Boeri Architect

Liuzhou Forest City, China. CREDIT: Stefano Boeri Architect

China’s Forest City to fight pollution with the power of a million plants

In 2016, China’s State Council released guidelines forbidding the construction of “bizarre” and “odd-shaped” buildings lacking character or cultural heritage, shifting their focus to the “economic, green and beautiful.”

Newly unveiled plans for Liuzhou Forest City, designed by the Italian firm Stefano Boeri Architetti to be built in southern China, certainly seem to fit the bill.

Nick Lavars_120p“The vision of Italian architect Stefano Boeri is starting to take shape around the world, with his so-called vertical forest towers going up in Switzerland and Milan. Now the Chinese region of Liuzhou will also play home to some of his handiwork, with construction underway on a so-called Forest City that is hoped to soak up some of the country’s infamous air pollution,” wrote Nick Lavars, Australian writer, in an article published on New Atlas.

“Construction is currently underway, with the Liuzhou Forest City expected to be completed by 2020.”


“This is the first experiment of the urban environment that’s really trying to find a balance with nature,” said Stefano Boeri.

stefano-boeri_architect_120p highThe project comes on the heels of Stefano Boeri Vertical Forest, two residential towers in Milan covered in the equivalent of five acres of forest.

“We started to imagine if it was possible to create an urban environment created from many of these vertical forests,” added Stefano Boeri. China, he said, provided the perfect backdrop for such an ambitious project.

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stefano boeri's liuzhou forest city masterplan breaks ground in china

stefano boeri’s liuzhou forest city masterplan breaks ground in china