100 RESILIENT CITIES: What Would an Entirely Flood-proof City Look Like? – Sophie Knight profiles leaders who are ‘designing with nature’ to lead the way to a water-resilient future (September 2017)

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The wetter the better. From sponge cities in China to ‘berms with benefits’ in New Jersey and floating container classrooms in the slums of Dhaka, Sophie Knight looks at a range of projects that treat storm and rain water as a resource rather than a hazard. Her article first appeared on Guardian Cities in England’s Guardian Newspaper.

Guardian Cities is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation which is behind the 100 Resilient Cities initiative. “100RC” is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century.

Call to Action to Tackle Impacts of Urbanisation

sophie-knight_the guardian_trimmed2_120p“They call it ‘pave, pipe, and pump’: the mentality that has dominated urban development for over a century,” wrote Sophie Knight. “The reality of climate change and more frequent and intense downpours has exposed the hubris of this approach.”

“With climate change both a reality and threat, many architects and urbanists are pushing creative initiatives for cities that treat stormwater as a resource, rather than a hazard.”

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To read the complete article by Sophie Knight, download What Would an Entirely Flood-proof City Look Like?, published September 2017 by the Guardian newspaper.