FLASHBACK TO 2007: Township of Langley Showcased Green Infrastructure Innovation in Three New Neighbourhoods

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The Showcasing Innovation Series comprised three one-day events. Each was structured as presentations in the morning and a tour of project sites in the afternoon. The second in the series was hosted by the Township of Langley on October 5, 2007. To learn more about all three events, click on 2007 Series

The goal in showcasing innovation and celebrating successes was to promote networking, build regional capacity, and move ‘from awareness to action’ – through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, tools, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of designing with nature. 

2007 program

Harmony and Integration in Langley Township

The Langley event was titled Harmony and Integration. The Township showcased what can be accomplished with large-scale projects when Council, the community and staff are in alignment and embrace a ‘green culture’. Resource protection – for groundwater supply and fisheries habitat – is the driver for implementing ‘green infrastructure’.

Setting the Context

“What we showcasing in October 2007 was the outcome of years of inter-departmental collaboration,” stated Ramin Seifi, General Manager, Planning, in the opening segment. “Ramin-Seifi_Township of Langley_trimmed_120pIt was not a random decision to choose Harmony and Integration as the theme for this Showcasing Innovation event. It captures our core values.”

Ramin added that he is a living example of integration because he is an engineer who heads the planning department. He then elaborated on Langley’s Sustainability Charter.

“After many years of what you would call research, we are now in the developmental phase,” stated Ramin, “We adopted the definition of sustainability as meeting the needs of the present day without compromising the future.”

According to Ramin, “Although the Sustainability Charter is high level, it will guide us in terms of providing focus and monitoring progress. Each Charter goal has a supporting set of objectives complete with specific actions.”

To illustrate what this means, Ramin referred to the Environmental Goal and the related objectives for conserving water, reducing energy use, and improving rainwater/stormwater quality. An example of an action is the Township’s Water Management Plan.

“Also, we will be monitoring and measuring what matters,” concluded Ramin, “This will enable residents and Council to maintain their focus over time.”

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Download Summary Report on Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in Langley Township.

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