Trees and parks important to health of cities and residents and the environment, says Australian researcher

“An urban forest strategy needs to protect what we’ve got and match up the locations of greatest need, or urban hot spots, and development activity with benefits, costs and risks,” said Lyndal Plant. “The strategy also needs to address the challenges of diminishing space on private land in our growing city and do more to integrate trees into the design and renewal of sites, streets, infrastructure projects, centres and suburbs."

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“Unleash the power of nature to help make cities more resilient, livable,” says Mark Tercek, The Nature Conservancy

As the world’s population grows and as our planet increasingly urbanizes, we need to redefine the relationship between cities and nature. It is no longer enough for us to ‘protect the last great places,’ as we used to say,” wrote Mark Tercek. “Nature can help cities solve some major environmental, social and financial challenges. We don’t just need to preserve nature — we need to create more of it, particularly in cities, so people can benefit from its healing powers.”

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A Southern California Perspective on Green Roofs, Stormwater and El Niño

“Weather patterns like El Niño (Intensified by climate change) force us to acknowledge the vulnerability and inefficiency of the built environment,” wrote Amy Norquist. “Every time we build a green roof we invite nature back into the city. We weave natural patterns of resilience and efficiency into the built environment, using softness to strengthen our design.”

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Australia’s Environment Minister says more ‘urban canopies’ will reduce heat within city environments and improve health outcomes

The government would work directly with cities throughout 2016 and 2017 to set decade-by-decade goals for the creation of “urban canopies”, announced Greg Hunt. The creation of tree cover, he stated, would reduce heat within city environments and improve health outcomes. “Our task is to establish those goals and increase them progressively over each of the decades.”

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FLASHBACK TO 2009: Ministry of Community Development Circular informed BC local governments about ‘Beyond the Guidebook’

“Beyond the Guidebook supports and/or complements other provincial initiatives, notably: Living Water Smart and the Green Communities Project. Collectively, these initiatives establish expectations that, in turn, will influence the form and function of the built environment in general and green infrastructure on the ground in particular,” wrote Glen Brown.

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