FLASHBACK TO 2011: The Most Efficient Infrastructure is ‘Design with Nature’ – Start With Water Sustainability (President’s Perspective – an article by Tim Pringle foreshadowed development of the Ecological Accounting Protocol)

Note to Reader:

The Op-Ed below was written in 2011 by Tim Pringle, Past-President of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia (2010-2013). He is currently Chair of the Partnership’s Ecological Accounting Protocol Initiative (EAP). The vision for this initiative, and how to bring it to fruition, has incrementally taken shape over the past decade.


Lessen the Need for Built Infrastructure

“Vancouver Island communities enjoy many natural amenities that are in the resources bank and producing returns. Lakes, streams, sea coast, forests, topography, flora and fauna comprise   Island ecology which endows human settlements and the quality of the natural environment,” wrote Tim Pringle in the first issue of his President’s Perspective, published in February 2011.

“These assets enable communities to draw on nature for infrastructure services needed for the built environment.  By designing with nature, as it were, communities lessen and sometimes avoid the expense of engineering and building various kinds of infrastructure.”

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