Green Infrastructure Requirements and Incentives: What was learned from a survey of 50 municipalities across the United States


What’s New in the World of LID?

Known by many names, including Green Infrastructure and Environmental Site Design, Low Impact Development (LID) is a way to manage post-construction rainwater and stormwater runoff

In 2015, the US National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a study of 50 municipalities,

eva-birk-nahb_120p“The scope of the survey was to review the permits, codes, and ordinances across a broad range of climate zones to determine the scope of LID adoption throughout the country,” reports Eva Brink, Program Manager, Environmental Policy.

“The survey determined that only one lacked any form of green infrastructure in its stormwater requirements.”

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Download Green Infrastructure Requirements and Incentives, published in August 2015, a survey by the United States National Association of Home Builders.