Asset Management BC Newsletter (Fall 2016): “Asset Management takes LEADERSHIP,” states Gord Hume, author and former municipal Councillor

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Compelling Attributes and Characteristics of Leadership in the Public Sector

“In my latest book, “The Leadership Crisis”, I focus on the compelling attributes and characteristics of leadership in the public sector,” wrote Gord Hume, recognized as one of Canada’s leading voices on municipal government, sustainable urban development, cultural planning, and creative cities.

“Great leadership is crucial in government today, yet toooften we see weakness, dysfunction at a City Council, and the inability of senior administration to come 2_Gord Hume_120ptogether with elected officials to generate a vigorous strategic direction.”

“The need for strong leadership in business today or in government has rarely been more important.”

“Leadership. Great leadership. Strong leadership. Canada’s municipalities need it, want it and deserve it,” concludes Gord Hume.

The Leadership Crisis

leadership-crisis-front-cover-200pGord Hume’s challenging new book, The Leadership Crisis, cracks open the rarely-studied field of local government leadership, sharing new research about attitudes and opinions from municipal elected and administrative officials across Canada, and revealing startling insights and deep divisions inside our city halls.

This remarkable book bluntly confronts cases of corruption and inept elected officials in Canadian local government. It also delves into the stories of three Canadian municipalities that were plunged into crises, and the examples of extraordinary local leadership that emerged.

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To download a PDF copy and read the complete article in the Fall 2016 issue, click on Asset Management BC Newsletter – Issue No. 18 (September 2016)