YOUTUBE VIDEO: Green Infrastructure Takes Stormwater Management ‘Back to the Future’ – Andy Reese, 2011

Andy Reese presents some ideas on the future of stormwater

Andrew Reese sees stormwater management going “back to the future” faster than a 1982 DeLorean with a “flux capacitor.” Even if you don’t get his clever reference to the Steven Spielberg movie, it suffices to say: Big changes are coming out of the U.S. andy-reese_2014_120pEnvironmental Protection Agency when it comes to regulating pollutants in stormwater.

And, it turns out, mimicking nature with green infrastructure – not unlike the ditches and swales of the past – can not only provide a reliable means of meeting these new standards, but the return on investment could make even Hollywood blush.

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Andy Reese coined the term Voodoo Hydrology in 2006 to describe the misapplication of science that characterizes drainage engineering and stormwater management practice. He is a prominent and popular American water resources engineer, writer, speaker, and textbook author.

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