“We must debate the question of urgency in responding to climate change,” stated Chair Vic Derman when introducing his report to the Capital Regional District’s Environmental Services Committee

Note to Reader:

When the Environmental Services Committee of the Capital Regional District met on June 22, 2016, it considered a report by Committee Chair Vic Derman on the climate change response by the Capital Regional District.

A Call to Action

When he presented his report, Vic Derman said, “I am posing the question of urgency. How do we debate the urgency of the situation and what we must do. Will the Capital Regional District take a position of leadership?”

In his report, Vic Derman highlights that the region must address climate change by significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and by preparing for, and adapting to, a changing climate.

Vic Derman_120p“Unquestionably, many of the decisions we must make will involve financial outlays,” concluded Vic Derman. “In some cases, they will be considerable. When deciding whether or not decisions being considered are ‘affordable’, the CRD and local governments should ask the question: ‘What will be the cost to the planet and ultimately to us, if other local governments around the world were to join us in deciding that we simply can’t afford to respond’. In all likelihood, we cannot afford not to.”

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