“Adapting to climate change means investing in the right infrastructure,” says former BC Premier Mike Harcourt

Credit: https://waterbucket.ca/viw/files/2015/11/Beyond-Guidebook-2015_final_Nov.pdf

Credit: https://waterbucket.ca/viw/files/2015/11/Beyond-Guidebook-2015_final_Nov.pdf

Wetter, Warmer Winters;
Longer, Drier Summers

MikeHarcourt_trimmed_120p“Proactive recognition of the risks we face offers Canadians the opportunity to direct policies and investment in ways that support a more resilient future. In order to do this effectively, we can draw upon a variety of tools located at different levels of government and authority,” wrote Mike Harcourt and Deborah Harford in an article that they co-authored for the Huffington Post.

Deborah_Harford_120p“The key to building resilience through adaptation to climate change is collaboration vertically between all levels of government and horizontally among residents, businesses and their municipal authorities. It’s time for Canadians to think outside the usual government boxes, and get creative,” conclude the authors.

About Mike Harcourt and Deborah Harford

Mike Harcourt is the former Mayor of Vancouver and Premier of British Columbia. Presently, he is Chair of QUEST (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow‎) and a member of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission’s Advisory Committee.

Deborah Harford is Executive Director of ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team) at Simon Fraser University. Deborah directed development of ACT’s June 2015 report: Paying for Urban Infrastructure Adaptation in Canada.

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