Asset Management BC Newsletter (Summer 2015): “Local infrastructure is the foundation for communities,” states Gord Hume, author and former municipal Councillor


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Opinion Piece: Local Infrastructure – the Foundation for our Communities

“Our towns and cities today aspire to be successful, prosperous and deliver a great quality of life to local residents. Local infrastructure is the foundation of the health, well-2_Gord Hume_120pbeing and economic prosperity of communities across Canada. When cities and towns talk about economic development and building wonderful neighbourhoods, it all begins with basic infrastructure,” stated Gord Hume in his keynote address to the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) conference in Vancouver in May 2015.

Gord Hume is…

places-spaces-by-gord-humeGord Hume is recognized as one of Canada’s leading voices on municipal government, sustainable urban development, cultural planning, and creative cities.  He is a very popular public speaker, an advisor to municipal governments and a respected and often provocative author.  He is an articulate and thoughtful commentator on civic government and community issues. He was elected to London City (Ontario) Council four times.

Gord Hume’s 5th book, “Places and Spaces” was published in 2014.  It is a compelling look at the public realm, the importance of great urban design and development, how the decisions of a municipality influence local prosperity and community health, and whether municipalities roll out the Red Carpet or the Red Tape.

Changing Role of Asset Managers

In his keynote address, Gord Hume focused on what he sees as an emerging role for assets managers across Canada—and that is to also consider design elements in the planning of municipal assets.

3_Gord Hume_120p“Increasingly, I think that you, as the leading asset managers in Canada, will have a greater role to play as cities design and re-build their infrastructure. From public transit to social housing, from how we use our streets and sidewalks, it is not just a numbers game on a spreadsheet. This is why it is urgent for you to understand the importance and the changing role of urban design, and the public realm, and how people use it.”

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To download a PDF copy and read the complete article in the Summer 2015 issue, click on Asset Management BC Newsletter – Issue No. 14 (July 2015)

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