Philadelphia’s grant program provides incentive for capturing rain where it falls, reports Howard Neukrug


Philadelphia_ Green-City

Transform Hard Surfaces into Green Surfaces

rain gardenThe City of Philadelphia has an incentive program that is designed to be a catalyst for transforming large, commercial properties that generate high volumes of stormwater runoff — burdening the city’s sewer system and waterways — into properties that build and maintain green stormwater management practices.

Grant Program is Win-Win

The City has an ambitious goal to convert 9,500 impervious acres to “green cities” that capture and manage the first one inch of rainwater runoff to achieve beautiful, fishable, clean and healthy rivers and streams.

“This grant program is a win–win for the water department and for our business customers who have been impacted by an increase in storm-water fees, resulting Howard Neukrug_120pfrom our parcel-based fee for stormwater,” said water commissioner Howard Neukrug.

“By working with customers who can manage stormwater from many acres of hard surfaces — and ideally public runoff from streets — we can transform pockets of our combined sewer areas into green acres in a cost-effective way.”

To Learn More:

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