VIDEO: Mexico City’s Green Plan & Green Roofs

Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013

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Green Roofs in Mexico

Tanya Müller García is the Secretary of the Environment for Mexico City, Federal District. Tanya is one of the pioneers who championed and lobbied in favor of green roofs in Mexico.

Tanya Muller Garcia_120pIn this 2013 video, Tanya Müller García presents “Areas Verdes de la Ciudad de Mexico & Azoteas Naturada” – “Mexico City’s Green Plan & Green Roofs” providing a description of the Green Plan in Spanish with English subtitles.  An Inventory of Green Areas of Mexico City is provided as well as inclusion for the first time of green roofs in the Cities Green Inventory.  Tanya also presents some examples of green roofs in Mexico and future projects.

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