“Green infrastructure makes sense for the Milwaukee region,” says Kevin Shafer

“Implementing the Regional Green Infrastructure Plan will be a monumental undertaking over the coming decades, but the beauty of green infrastructure is that it complements what already exists, builds from the success of our existing infrastructure, naturalizes and beautifies our urban fabric, and can be built in our front and backyards alike,” concluded Kevin Shaffer.

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New York State releases Green Infrastructure Planning Guide

“While most people prefer to make land-use decisions that restore the environment, land planners and decision makers may still overlook key natural resources. Just as we plan for our gray infrastructure – roads, bridges, power lines, pipelines, sewer systems – so should we plan to conserve natural resources as our green infrastructure”, said Karen Firehock.

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Pittsburgh region proceeding with “green infrastructure experiment”

“We went above and beyond by not only considering green solutions but also making preliminary plans to actually implement and test them. If the green infrastructure experiment goes well, the plan could be altered to require less grey infrastructure. Green infrastructure is far cheaper and could help mitigate project costs,” said Jim Good.

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