New York Green Infrastructure Program: Bronx building’s once black roof will be both blue and green


The roof of the Osborne Association’s headquarters in the Bronx will feature plants and water retention trays to help keep sewage out of the East River. (Photo Credit: New York Daily News)


Innovative plant and rock system to retain water on roof

A state-of-the-art, eco-friendly system that uses plants and water retention  trays to reduce stormwater overflow will be retrofitted on the roof of the Osborne Association’s roof in the Bronx.

“It will capture stormwater and reduce the amount of pollution in the East  River,” said Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter  Strickland. “By easing pressure on our sewer system, green infrastructure will save New  York billions of dollars it would otherwise have to spend on expensive detention  system.”

The “blue” portions of the rooftop will utilize trays and small rock beds to  hold rainwater and allow for slower or reduced entry into the sewer system. The plants and soil that make up the remainder of the “green” system help to  absorb and repurpose the water, leading to a 32% decrease in storm runoff.

“We are excited about this project. With this blue and green roof, everybody  wins,” said Osborne Association Executive Director Elizabeth Gaynes. “We are continually seeking innovative solutions for problems both large and  small.”


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