Forests not just for tree huggers in Vancouver



Benefits of Urban Forestation

“This fall, Vancouver city workers will start planting some 3,000 trees, the first of the planned 150,000 called for in the city’s 2011 Greenest City Action Plan,” wrote Wendy Stueck in an article published in the Globe & Mail newspaper in August 2012. 

“The investment is geared to more than shade and eye appeal. Vancouver, like other cities around the world, is looking to its urban forest for benefits ranging from energy savings to pollution control.” reported Wendy Stueck.

“There are social and economic benefits – including cleaner air, habitat for wildlife, increased property values and neighbourhood pride, to name a few,” said Sarah Blyth, Parks Board Chairwoman.


Green Infrastructure in BC

Wendy Stueck also interviewed Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC, to learn more about the benefits and implementation status of green infrastructure in British Columbia.

“For the past decade, Kim Stephens has been talking to municipal staff and politicians in B.C. about ‘green infrastructure’ – using trees and permeable landscaping to help absorb rainwater, restore streams and make neighbourhoods more attractive and possibly healthier,” wrote Wendy Stueck.

“In recent years, he has found people are more receptive to his pitch.”

“We’ve moved from ‘Why should we do things?’ to ‘How do we do things?’” said Mr. Stephens. “That was a fundamental shift.”


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