The coolest green infrastructure you are likely to see




Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen & Water Harvesting Demonstration Project

“Just yesterday, I was making the case for bringing more nature into urban environments, to soften the perceived and real effects of density and thus make density more appealing,” wrote Kaid Benfield on the Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog in November 2012. “Today, I came across maybe the best example I have seen.  It is certainly the best I have seen integrated into a vertical wall; this is key in downtown districts, where green space on the ground can be hard to come by.”


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He was writing about a project at the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments. To read the complete story posted by Kaid Benfield, click on The coolest green infrastructure you are likely to see. (Note image acknowledgment: Leann Andrews, University of Washington)

Kaid Benfield writes about community, development, and the environment on Switchboard and in the national media.  For more posts, see his blog’s home page.  Please also visit NRDC’s sustainable communities video channels.