United States EPA Steps Up Its Support for Green Infrastructure as Weapon against Polluted Stormwater



United States EPA’s Strategic Agenda to Protect Waters and Build More Liveable Communities Through Green Infrastructure

In a few months, the EPA will release new draft rules aimed at reducing rainwater and stormwater runoff. The new national rules will update approaches designed more than twenty years ago.

“The good news is that the EPA isn’t waiting for the new rules to enhance its David beckman - nrdcpromotion of green infrastructure solutions,” writes David Beckman in a column posted on the Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog. “It has already begun beating the drum—sending a clear signal that green infrastructure is a critical weapon in the fight against polluted water.”  

“Many local governments, like Philadelphia and Los Angeles, are already adopting green infrastructure programs. But there is no doubt that getting the unambiguous backing of the most influential federal clean water agency will help bring green infrastructure to more states and more communities,” concludes David Beckman.


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To read an article posted previously on the Water Bucket website, click on United States EPA Launches Green Infrastructure Drive — “Green infrastructure changes improve the health of our waters while creating local jobs, saving communities money and making them healthier and more prosperous places to raise a family and start a business,” states EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe. 


Posted May 2011