Quezon City in the Philippines enforces “green building standard”


Quezon city, philippines

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy

No building construction will be allowed in Quezon City (QC) starting April 2011 without complying with “green building standards.”

QC Department of Building Official (DBO) head Isagani R. Versoza Jr. said the QC government will strictly adopt and implement the city’s green building infrastructure ordinance, which mandates the use of eco-friendly technology and system in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance including the retrofitting, of building projects in the city.

The move is in line with Mayor Herbert M. Bautista’s support to the government’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions from buildings and other structures. Bautista strictly adheres to energy efficiency and cost effectiveness in an effort to mitigate the adverse impacts on environment degradation.

“Our Mayor strongly believes that the implementation of greenhouse policy emphasizes the need to promote and protect the interrelation of the natural ecosystem and development. These are the key factors that contribute to sustainable development, empowerment of people and urban development,” the DBO chief said.

The city government is a pioneer among local government units in the country in the adoption and implementation of green building infrastructure he said.

He also said there is an incentive in the form of tax credits for the land users, developers, and planners who incorporate, implement, install, and actually use environment friendly technologies that promote a string biodiversity, improve the state of health of the population and abate the continuing destruction of ecosystem, ground water and air quality in their building project.

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Posted February 2011