‘Design with Nature’ and Connect the Dots: Green Infrastructure, Water Sustainability and Watershed Health


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Holistic Watershed-Based Approaches

“On both sides of the 49th parallel, light bulbs are going on about the inter-connectedness of green infrastructure and water sustainability, and the implications for watershed health,” states Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British ColumbiaKim stephens (100p) - 2010

“Two recent developments in the United States have caught our attention: the Rainwater-in-Context Initiative; and the Urban Water Sustainability Leadership Conference held in Philadelphia.”

Urban Water Sustainability Leadership

“In December 2010, the Clean Water America Alliance brought together green infrastructure leaders from around the United States at a conference on urban water sustainability leadership.” 

“A number of themes emerged during the conference, including: Green infrastructure has multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits, but it must work within the greater quilt of water management that includes traditional gray infrastructure.”

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To read the complete story posted on the Rainwater Management Community-of-Interest, click on Cross-Border Alignment: Connecting the Dots Between Land Use Planning, Development, Watershed Health AND Infrastructure Management. This article consolidates links to a number of articles recently posted on the Water Bucket.


Posted February 2011