Context for Rainwater Management in British Columbia:

John Slater (120p) – Parliamentary Secretary for Water
Mitigation and adaptation are both necessary and complementary strategies to cope with the climate change challenge. Green infrastructure enables local governments to prepare for and adapt to climate change.

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Trees grow in Brooklyn: A natural form of relief for overworked city sewers

NYC Green Infrastructure Plan – cover (360p) – October 2010
The advantage of the green infrastructure approach is that it delivers the same degree of water retention as “grey,” but at a much lower price. When coupled with the traditional approach, it will allow the city to reduce sewer overflows into its waterways by 40% by 2030.

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Patrick Condon, author of ‘Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities’, adapts his formula to fit BC’s most populous region

“Right now the Lower Mainland of British Columbia leads any other region in both Canada and the United States in reversing the rush to global climate collapse. It is therefore up to a new generation to coalesce around a common vision for the future — a common vision deeply grounded in the pioneering efforts of the previous generation,” states Patrick Condon.

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