Context for Rainwater Management in British Columbia: “If Climate Change Mitigation is about CARBON, then Climate Change Adaptation is about WATER”



John slater quote about climate change


Build Greener Communities

Mitigation and adaptation are both necessary and complementary strategies to cope with the climate change challenge. If mitigation is about CARBON, then adaptation is about WATER.

“Designing with nature captures the essence of climate change adaptation. Adaptation is about responding to the changes that will inevitably occur. Adaptation is at the community level and is therefore about collaboration. Rainwater management is at the heart of designing with nature,” stated John Slater in October 2010 at the ‘From Rain to Resource: Managing Stormwater in a Changing Climate Workshop’ 


The New Business As Usual

Green infrastructure enables local governments to prepare for and adapt to climate change. This “new business as usual” in British Columbia is driven by:

  • a ‘design with nature’ guiding philosophy;
  • an outcome-oriented approach to watershed and stream health protection; and
  • success on the ground.

British Columbia experience is demonstrating that ‘designing with nature’ is a key element of a strategy for climate change adaptation.


Beyond the Guidebook 2010

The case study experience introduced in Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture for Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia shows that a new land ethic is taking root.

Local governments now have the tools and case study experience to ‘design with nature’. Lessons learned by those who are doing it can help those who want to do it.


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Posted November 2010