Patrick Condon’s Rule 1 for sustainable communities: Restore the streetcar city




Second of Eight Excerpts

“U.S. and Canadian cities built between 1880 and 1945 were streetcar cities. By 1950, this system was utterly overthrown, rendered obsolete by Patrick condon (120p) - september 2010the market penetration of the private automobile,” writes Patrick Condon in his latest book, Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post Carbon World

“The collapse of that world constitutes a great loss, because the streetcar city form of urban development was a pattern that allowed the emerging middle class to live in single-family homes and was sustainable at the same time.”


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This is the second of eight excerpts published by  The Tyee in September/October 2010. To read the complete excerpt, click on Why a Streetcar Is Something to Be Desired. To download a copy, click here.



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Posted September 2010