Patrick Condon’s Rule 4 for sustainable communities: Locate good jobs close to affordable homes




Fifth of Eight Excerpts

“Of all the relationships that force our current overuse of energy, and our consequent enormous per capita production of GHG, the chaotic and tortured relationship between jobs and housing, and the impossibility of reasonably connecting them, is the worst,” writes Patrick Condon in his latest book, Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post Carbon World.

“It is, of course, unlikely that the historical pattern where all workers lived close to their jobs will be restored. But it is also true that no real progress in living more sustainably will be made unless we begin to reverse a trend that allows fewer than five per cent of all workers in the United States and Canada to conveniently access their jobs via transit; no amount of transit investment can solve the problem if the metropolitan matrix cannot be adapted for more equitable distribution of jobs and housing.”


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This is the fourth of eight excerpts published by  The Tyee in September/October 2010. To read the complete excerpt, click on  You Don’t Have to Spend Your Life Stuck in Traffic or on Patrick Condon’s Rule 4



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Posted October 2010