Future City: Seattle on the Threshold



All the Cascadia region’s cities are anything but sustainable, now

“In its Cascadian context, Seattle is the middling city….it is no Vancouver, where new development has brought the sustainability benefits of compact community to much of the city….it is not Portland, where biking, walking and transit are more woven into the fAlex steffen (164x188) - executive editor of worldchanging abric of the city and its culture,” writes Alex Steffen, co-founder and Executive Editor of Worldchanging on his blog.

“Seattle falls in the middle of the three Cascadian cities in all sorts of ways, from green building to green infrastructure. It excels in a few areas at the city level — for instance, Seattle’s utilities are national leaders in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, preparing the region for the impacts of climate change and promoting conservation — but as a metro region it is falling, by some measurements.”


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