United States EPA Confirms Milwaukee as a Leader on Green Infrastructure



Climate Change Adaptation

“Milwaukee is at the forefront of cities working to truly integrate green infrastructure into their water infrastructure, which also helps with climate adaptation,” writes Gary Belan, DIrector of the Clean Water Program, in his blog for American Rivers.Gary belan (120p) - american rivers

“One of the best ways to adapt to unpredictable storms and flooding, is to increase our investment in green infrastructure….. it is an effective, low cost, natural way of managing our stormwater.”

In the article, Gary Belan quotes recent praise for Milwaukee by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

He also cites three main reasons why green infrastructure is the best solution for adapting to climate change: it is very adaptive; it works well with traditional infrastructure; and it has multiple benefits.


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About Gary Belan

Gary Belan works to promote green infrastructure in the United States, a concept that includes specific engineering and policy tools to improve the way communities manage their water resources. He works with a variety of groups to achieve this goal, including grassroots environmental organizations, business interests, as well as local, state and federal government agencies.


Posted August 2010