Columbia Basin Trust profiles ‘Topsoil Primer Set’ in advance of releasing Water Smart Tool Kit



Water Save Tool Kit

The Water Smart Tool Kit is currently under construction by the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT). When complete in Fall 2010 it will be available on the CBT website. In the Columbia basin trust - logo (160p)meantime, the inaugural issue of the CBT’s Water Smart Newsletter draws attention to the The Topsoil Technical and Policy Primer Set and describes it as a “notable resource”.

Topsoil Primer Set

The Topsoil Primer Set synthesizes the pioneering experiences of the City of Courtenay, the City of Surrey and the District of North Vancouver. Says Raymond Ray fung (120p) - 2010Fung, Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership, “Topsoil is the interface between rainwater management and drought management. Soil depth creates a sponge…. which can limit runoff during wet-weather periods; and reduce water need during dry-weather periods.”

“We are encouraged that organizations such as the Columbia Basin Trust are seeing value in the Topsoil Primer Set. That shows that there is province-wide interest; and that people are connecting the dots between land and water.”

Columbia Basin Water Smart Initiative

Domestic water consumption is increasingly being identified as a critical issue for Basin communities and in order to deal with this issue, water conservation measures are needed.

The Goal: 20% Reduction in Water Use

Columbia Basin Water Smart is a regional water conservation program that will provide support to Regional Districts and Municipalities to address their local water conservation needs. Water Smart will aim to achieve a 20 percent Basin-wide reduction in community water consumption by 2015.

“The goal of Water Smart is to develop a regional approach to water conservation by providing support and tools to Basin communities,” said Kindy Gosal, CBT, Director, Water and Environment. “Water Smart will allow Basin communities to benefit from shared resources, expertise and learning to achieve their community specific water conservation targets.”

“Water is the foundation of the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Columbia Basin and moving forward with water conservation efforts is key to ensuring a healthy and sustainable water supply is in place for future generations,” added Gosal.

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Posted August 2010