West Vancouver Mayor Teams with Green Infrastructure Partnership to Champion ‘Design with Nature’ Approaches

GVRD sustainability breakfast - dec 2006

Metro Vancouver Sustainable Region Initiative

In 2006, the Green Infrastructure Partnership met with the Metro Vancouver political leadership to seek support for a Mayors Forum on Green Infrastructure. This led to an exploratory discussion with the Sustainable Region Initiative Task Force chaired by Delta Mayor Lois Jackson.

The session with the Task Force was facilitated by West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones. “As the leaders appointed to design the Sustainable Region Mayor pam goldsmith-jones (120p)Initiative, we view you as critical partners in affecting positive change with regard to infrastructure design in the region,” she stated in leading off the discussion.

The success of the sharing session with the Task Force led to Green Infrastructure Partnership participation in Metro Vancouver’s breakfast meeting program in December 2006.

Changing the Way We Develop Land

Mayor Goldsmith-Jones was part of the presentation team at the Sustainability Community Breakfast. “I was approached by this consortium of engineers, primarily, who have been working for years to bring practical tools to our communities.  For them, the opportunity to present to the Sustainable Region Initiative Committee of the Metro Vancouver Board was a huge opportunity.”

“To speak to you this morning is important, and empowering.  I have helped them reach an audience they needed to reach, and so did Heather Schoemaker from Metro Vancouver, and the Chair of Metro Vancouver, Lois Jackson.  There’s three leaders who did not turn the other way.”

Developing Tools to Support Changes in Practice

At the end of the breakfast session, Johnny Carline, Chief Administrative Officer and breakfast program host, provided this perspective: “It was enlightening to learn how Johnny carline (120p) - metro vancouver caomuch has been accomplished by the Green Infrastructure Partnership in such a short period of time, and I have certainly gained a better appreciation for the part played by Metro Vancouver in funding the development of tools such as the Water Balance Model and Water Bucket Website; and providing local governments with the opportunity to share their experiences through the Showcasing Innovation Series.”

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To read the complete story originally posted in December 2006, click on West Vancouver Mayor Teams with Green Infrastructure Partnership to Champion ‘Design with Nature’ Approaches.


Posted May 2010