District of Central Saanich encourages landscape-based solutions to capture rain, where it falls



District of central saanich - map (360p)

Use of Soil and Landscaping

In February 2010, the District of Central Saanich on southern Vancouver Island adopted the Surface Water Management Bylaw. This regulatory tool requires rainwater capture, where it falls, when properties are developed or redeveloped. It also encourages use of the Water Balance Model.

“The Bylaw gives us the means to restore the water balance when properties redevelop. Our understanding is that Central Saanich is the only BC municipality to have this type of bylaw. Other municipalities have policies,” states Nirmal Bhattacharya, District of central saanich - nirmal and roland (160p)Municipal Engineer.

“We are already seeing how people are viewing their properties differently now that we can point them to the Water Balance Model. Their use of the tool is raising their awareness of how they can achieve rainfall capture; and they are learning how to use soil and landscaping as an alternative to storage tanks,” adds Roland Rocheleau.

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Posted May 2010