“Green Infrastructure Wiki” references British Columbia’s Green Infrastructure Partnership as a resource



What is the Green Infrastructure Wiki?

According to the Green Infrastructure Wiki, green infrastructure needs a conceptual framework that can accommodate the range of scales and functions described by the term green infrastructure. The Wiki is organized as summarized below:

    The planning and design framework explored on the Green Infrastructure Wiki is based on 6 interdependent systems that describe the social, circulatory, metabolic, biologic, hydrologic, and geologic functions of green infrastructure in the city. Resources associated with each function, including measures of performance, are collected on a Wiki page.
    The physical elements that perform functions are a community's green infrastructure assets, and these can range in scale from a single tree to an entire watershed. Most assets can perform more than one function, and through planning and design this multi-dimensional quality can be amplified.

    According to the Green Infrastructure Wiki, assets are most effective when linked to form a network of green infrastructure. Resources associated with each asset, including planning and design considerations, are collected on a Wiki page.

    Looking for examples of planning and design for healthy cities and high performance landscapes? On the Green Infrastructure Wiki, metropolitan and region scale examples are catalogued at Case Studies: Planning and Policy. Site scale examples are catalogued here: Case Studies: High Performance Landscapes.

    Each case study considers system integration and performance and is cross-referenced to relevant functions and assets. These primary resources, shared by green infrastructure enthusiasts around the globe, are the Wiki's greatest strength. The Wiki also has extensive and growing catalogs of general resources, including related organizations & initiatives, reports & publications, funding sources, and more.

The Wiki describes the Green Infrastructure Partnership as a “BC initiative with water focus; waterbucket is their webzine; lots of canadian news and calculator tools”.

 “We applaud this initiative,” comments Raymond Fung, Chair of the British Columbia Green Infrastructure Partnership. “The Green Infrastructure Wiki is consistent with how we envision our Water Bucket community-of-interest could ultimately morph into a community-of-practice.” 


Posted December 2009