Shared Responsibility in British Columbia: Application of Bill 27 to achieve Water OUT = Water IN


Susan rutherford - shared responsibility matrix


Context for Green Action

In May 2008, the “Green Communities” legislation known as Bill 27 amended Bill 27 - susan rutherford paper (200p)the Local Government Act and Community Charter. In June 2009, West Coast Environmental Law released a discussion paper titled Bill 27: Opportunities and Strategies for Green Action by BC Local Governments.

Written by West Coast Staff Counsel, Susan Rutherford, the paper is intended to contribute to the discussion on how local governments may use the legal tools available to advance green initiatives.

To read a previous story about the Discussion Paper, click on British Columbia’s Bill 27: Opportunities and Strategies for Green Action by Local Governments.


2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series

At the third seminar in the 2009 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series, Susan Rutherford described the application of a Shared Responsibility Matrix as an organizing framework; and explained how Bill 27 creates statutory authority for water sustainability action.


Shared Responsibility Explained

“Shared responsibility can work at different levels. Senior government, regional government, municipalities, the development community and their consultants….all of us have an impact on the land, on the water, and on the way things look. We all have a Susan rutherford (120p)part to play in sustainable development,” stated Susan Rutherford.

“We cannot pass the buck and say it is someone else’s responsibility. We are all working at this together…and we all have a role to play.”

“Bill 27 has provided local government with the ability to make the vision for Water OUT = Water IN tangible. This closed loop way of thinking about water touches on all aspects of land development.”

To read an earlier story that provides context for Susan Rutherford’s contribution, click on CAVI releases program details for Seminar #3 in Comox Valley Learning Lunch Series.


Links to YouTube Videos

A set of three video clips have been uploaded to YouTube so that interested readers can hear how Susan Rutherford introduced and explained the application of Shared Responsibility.

Susan Rutherford defines “Shared Responsibility” (1:03)

Susan Rutherford introduces a flowchart that identifies players who must work together for Shared Responsibility to have meaning (0:38

Susan Rutherford explains the elements of the “Shared Responsibility Matrix” (1:20)


Link to PowerPoint Presentation

Susan Rutherford: Shared Responsibility: Application of Bill 27 to Achieve Water OUT = Water IN

Comox valley seminar #3 - crowd scene (360p)

Posted December 2009