Integrated Resource Recovery Case Study: Dockside Green Mixed Use Development



Dockside Green is an innovative residential and commercial development in central  Victoria, British Columbia. When completed, the development will be home to more than 2,500 people.

The development features on‐site wastewater treatment and a biomass gasification facility which provides heat to a district heating system. This infrastructure is helping Dockside Green to attain a LEED Platinum rating.

Dockside Green provides an innovative example of Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR) in an urban setting – for example, Victoria residents currently pay sewage fees to both the City of Victoria and thesCapital Regional District (CRD). An agreement was reached between the developer and the City to exempt Dockside Green residents from municipal sewage fees.

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To read the complete story, click on Dockside Green Mixed Use Development to download a ‘fact sheet’ compiled by the Ministry of Community & Rural Development.