FULFILLING an Olympic-sized DREAM in the City of Vancouver


Southeast false creek

According to a feature story on Green Living written by Derrick Penner and published in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, the Millenium Water development on the south bank of False Creek has raised the bar for future eco-friendly residential developments. The 1,100-unit housing project  will serve as Vancouver’s Olympic athletes’ village.

Green living cover (240p)“A so-called district energy system will sop up residual heat from city sewer pipes to warm water feeding the vein-like capillaries in the development’s ceiling-mounted radiant heating system,” writes Penner.

Sustainability features will combine to reduce Millennium Water’s energy use by 50 per cent and potable water use by 40 per cent (compared with its neighbours on the north side of False Creek).

The article concludes with a perspective provided by Ian Smith, the City of Vancouver's development manager for the southeast False Creek and Olympci Village project: “the results so far have been better than expected in terms of the amenities that the city has gained, from the waterfront walkways and parks, to the construction of the district energy system and the legacy of influence that the planning effort to create the Olympic Village has already had around the city.”


Posted May 2009