Showcasing Sustainability: Discovery Green raises the bar for commercial buildings in Metro Vancouver


Construction business - discovery green

In the March-April 2009 issue of Construction Business, Cheryl Mah describes how Discovery Green is raising the bar for sustainable commercial buildings with its high performance building design.

Located at Gilmore Avenue and Canada Way in Burnaby, the $47 million project is the final and most prominent addition to Discovery Place, a 15 building business park that was created 30 years ago for high-tech research and development.


Innovative Sustainable Technologies

“The 150,000 square foot facility incorporates a number of innovative sustainable technologies that will no doubt make it a landmark building,” writes Cheryl Mah, Managing Editor of Construction Business magazine. “These technologies, many of which are new to B.C., monitor and micromanage air quality, heating and ventilation, lighting, water usage and rainwater recycling. The building is targeting LEED Gold certification but has the potential to receive platinum.”

“This is a landmark building that shows developers that they can build to this very high standard for the budgets they have for Class A buildings,” says Teresa Coady, principal of Bunting Coady Architects, the building designer. “We think it raises the bar for developer buildings and we also think it sets the bar where it should be for tenant demand. We think this is the type of building or better that we should be building today.”


For the complete story:

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Reprinted with permission from Construction Business magazine. 

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