What is the Seattle Green Factor?


A new landscaping requirement is helping create lush new plantings in neighborhoods throughout the City of Seattle. Known as the Seattle Green Factor, Seattle green factor - streetscapethis program is designed to improve the quantity and quality of planted areas while allowing greater flexibility for developers and designers to meet open space requirements. Currently, it applies to new development in commercial and neighborhood commercial zones outside of downtown, and it is proposed for multifamily residential zones and the South Downtown planning area. 


How Does It Work?

Building permit applicants in affected zones must demonstrate that their projects meet the Seattle Green Factor.  This rewards layering of vegetation along streets and other areas visible to the public. The scoring system is set up to encourage larger trees, tree preservation, permeable paving, green roofs and vegetated walls. Bonuses are provided for food cultivation, native and drought-tolerant plants, and rainwater harvesting.

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Posted February 2009