Connecting the Dots between the University of Victoria and the Bowker Creek Initiative



UVIC showcasing - sustainability plan


Possible Template for Bowker Creek Initiative?

“When we designed the Showcasing Innovation program, we wanted to achieve a progression,” reports Jody Watson, Harbours and Watersheds Coordinator with the Capital Regional District. “From a road in View Royal…to a neighbourhood in Langford…to a mini-municipality at UVic.”

Jody watson - crd (120p)“Because UVic is situated in the Bowker Creek headwaters, we saw an opportunity to connect the dots between what UVic is doing and what the current multi-jurisdictional Bowker Creek Urban Watershed Renewal Initiative would like to see,” continues Jody Watson, who is also Chair of the Bowker Creek Initiative.

“UVic is applying water-centric planning across the campus, and is leading by example in doing business differently in the Bowker Creek watershed. The UVic experience can inform how three partner municipalities guide watershed redevelopment,” concludes Jody Watson. “Specifically, the UVic Sustainability Policy and Action Plan could serve as a useful template for the purposes of watershed renewal. Other local governments may also find the UVic template helpful and/or adaptable.”


The New Business As Usual

A community of more than 25,000 people, the University of Victoria (UVic) is a case study for green buildings and compact growth. Over the past five years, UVic has been able to transition from an incremental approach in planning and resource management to a water-centric approach that is much more holistic and integrated –– the new business as usual.

CAVI - 2008 showcasing series - sarah webb“This transformational experience resulted in a new vision for constructing water and energy efficient buildings in a built environment that respects the natural environment,” reports Sarah Webb of the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability. ”UVic is leading by example in implementing approaches and practices that achieve Design with Nature outcomes, and reduce physical impacts resulting from intensive urbanization.”

To read the complete story published in September 2008, click on Sustainability Policy and Action Plan: University of Victoria showcases on-the-ground implementation.


Posted in December 2009