Portland’s “Nature in Neighborhoods” is a broad based regional initiative to restore and protect the region


Portland - nature in neighbourhoods banner

The Portland metropolitan area is expanding. This growth increases pressure on water quality and fish and wildlife habitat. How can the region achieve a balance between development and conservation? What are the best ways to improve ecological functions within our growing urban areas? How can existing neighborhoods increase the presence of nature? The Portland Metro Council is seeking creative answers to these questions through its Nature in Neighborhoods capital grants program.


Working together to protect water quality and natural areas

The Portland Metro Council launched Nature in Neighborhoods in 2005, concluding years of contentious deliberations about a state-mandated regulatory framework called “Goal 5” and ushering in an era of public/private innovation, investment and collaboration.

Metro plays a lead role in Nature in Neighborhoods but recognizes that the protection and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat and the integration of natural areas into the urban environment eclipse the reach of any one organization; they require the coordinated and strategic action of many.

Today, hundreds of organizations region-wide are working together to fulfill the vision of Nature in Neighborhoods. Projects range from neighbors volunteering on small restoration projects on the region's creeks and rivers to multi-year professional habitat enhancement efforts and everything in-between.


Posted December 2008