Metro Vancouver Reference Panel calls for Liquid “Resource” Management Plan


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In April 2008, Metro Vancouver appointed a 9-person Reference Panel to provide comments and advice on the region’s strategy for updating its Liquid Waste Management Plan. The Reference Panel reported back to the Waste Management Committee in July 2008. Kim Stephens (Water Sustainability Action Plan for BC) and Christianne Wilhelmson (Georgia Strait Alliance) co-presented on behalf of the Reference Panel. Several members of the committee described the presentation as inspiring.

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2008_Metro Vancouver_Change the Name

The New Business As Usual

Kim stephens (120p)In his opening comments, Kim Stephens observed that: “The Reference Panel found itself in much the same position as the Waste Management Committee. We were deluged with information covering a spectrum of issues, and we also had to integrate the nine perspectives on the Reference Panel, all in a very short period of time. As an outcome of this integration process, we have produced a consolidated and succinct storyline that we hope Metro Vancouver will find helpful in promoting understanding of challenges and a path forward.”

The storyline was organized in two parts. Christianne Wilhelmson explained how the Reference Panel process had worked and stated that the Reference Panel endorsed the work by Metro Vancouver staff related to strategy development. She LWMP reference panel - road map (240p)also set the stage for the Reference Panel’s key message that Metro Vancouver elected representatives must provide leadership in implementing the New Business As Usual so that ideas are turned into action, sooner rather than later.

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A Window of Opportunity

Christianne wilhelmson - lwmp reference panel“There is a window of opportunity to do business differently because we know from experience that the old ways do not work,” stated Christianne Wilhelmson. “Changing the language is part of the process of advancing change.”

Kim Stephens elaborated on this observation by drawing attention to recent research findings for Vancouver Island which provide an indication of how quickly ‘green development’ is moving from market-niche to market-share. “Based on the dollar value of residential building permits, the shift is from 10% in 2006 and 2007 to 60% going forward,” he reported. “Analysis of available data may well confirm similar statistics for Metro Vancouver.”

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To Learn More:

To download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, click on this link to Reference Panel comments on the Strategy for Updating the Liquid Waste Management Plan.

To download a PDF version of this web story, click on Metro Vancouver Reference Panel calls for Liquid “Resource” Management Plan.

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