Blue Cross has LEED-certified buildings in Massachusetts and North Carolina


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina have plans to employ more environmentally friendly building practices and to achieve LEED certification, AIS reports.

The Massachusetts Blues plan has two LEED-certified buildings. The first LEED certification was achieved in 2006 by refurbishing a pre-existing structure. The second was achieved in 2007, with its South Shore facility achieving LEED Silver Certification. Both sites have seen a 25 percent reduction in electricity when compared with a standard building. The South Shore building reduced interior water consumption by 20 percent with irrigation needs estimated to be 50 percent lower than expected.

Construction on Blue Cross of North Carolina began in April. The new building is expected to use 65 percent less energy and reduce water consumption by half when compared with a standard building.


Posted August 2008