City of Courtenay’s Sediment and Erosion Control Bylaw

2008_Courtenay ESC Bylaw

A Guide for Responsible Construction Activity

The City of Courtenay ia  in the process of developing and implementing an Erosion and Sediment Control Bylaw through an inclusive and collaborative approach that educates and informs stakeholders. The bylaw is a tool that will assist with getting the “right thing” done to protect the environment from the effects of erosion and sediment.

Cowichan Valley Seminar

At the second in the Cowichan Valley Learning Lunch Seminars, Derek Richmond, Manager of Engineering for the City of Courtenay, elaborated on why and how the City is approaching implementation of its Erosion and Sediment Control Bylaw. To download a copy of his presentation, click here.Cowichan seminar #2 - derek richmond (130p)

To view and hear Derek explaining the process that the City has followed in developing the bylaw, please click here for the first of two video clips. Then click here to view the second video clip and hear Derek elaborate on bylaw implementation.

2008_Derek Richmond_ESC Bylaw_process to get there

Learning Lunch Seminar Series

The Learning Lunch Seminar Series promotes a consistent provincial approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure. The Cowichan Valley Regional District and City of Courtenay are the host local governments for Learning Lunch Seminar Series in the Spring and Fall of 2008, respectively. In total, the Vancouver Island local governments that will be participating represent some 250,000 people.

The Learning Lunch Seminar Series is the first step in building a regional team approach so that there will be a common understanding and consistent messaging regarding on-the-ground expectations for rainwater management and green infrastructure. The Seminar Series is part of the implementation program for  Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual.

 2008_Van Island is Pilot Region for New Business As Usual

Posted July  2008