The Delsom Development in Delta, British Columbia: A Case Study for the Sustainable Template


Showcasing Innovation Series Features Sustainability Checklist

The Delsom development will be one of three Corporation of Delta projects that will be featured as part of Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in the Greater Vancouver Region: The 2007 Series. On September 21, Delta will be hosting the first of three events the comprise the series. For the complete story on the Delta program, please click here.

Sunstone Community

Delsom Estates comprises 100 acres of land, most of which was a former gravel pit.  The lands represent the largest tract of undeveloped land in North Delta 1Delta - sunstone signoutside of the Agricultural Land Reserve. Sunstone Community at Delsom will be a mixed use, pedestrian friendly community  which will include approximately 178 single family lots, 602 townhouses, a private amenity building, 70 seniors’ independent living apartments, a neighbourhood commercial centre, park areas and a pathway system.

Marcy Sangret, Environmental and Agricultural Planning Manager, will present the Delsom topic.  The site, which will be under construction at the time of the workshop, will be one of the stops during the afternoon tour.

Many Smart Growth principles have been incorporated into this plan including mixed land uses, diverse housing opportunities and sustainable infrastructure such as an integrated rainwater management system and geothermal heating technology. Moreover, 15% of the site is designated as parks and open space. The approved Master Plan provides for:

  • Integration of new and existing developments;
  • Preservation of key features of the site, including tree stands, rights-of-ways and an enhanced pond;
  • Enhancement of pedestrian and cyclist connections through the site;
  • A central park with trail linkages;
  • Retail and personal services within walking distance;
  • Diversity in housing types and
  • Use of friendly architecture with porches and verandas

“From the inception of the redevelopment project, sustainability was a first principle.” recalls Marcy Sangret, “Delta staff initiated a “checklist” of environmental, social and economic sustainability elements that they wished to be considered as part of the redevelopment of the lands into a mixed use community.”  Marcy Sangret_Delt_120pAs the project evolved, so did the checklist, which became a key tool in tracking progress toward meeting sustainability objectives and in reporting this progress to Council and the public.  This presentation will describe how this approach worked and how planning staff intend to use it as a template for other large and small development projects.