City of Nanaimo Industrial Development Demonstrates ‘Design with Nature’ Solution


Completed in 2006, the  award-winning Inland Kenworth project on Northfileld applied a unique approach to site development that combined function and design in first capturing and then absorbing rainwater on-site. The project won a City environmental award and is currently a candidate for a design award.

City of nanaimo - gary noble (120pixels)According to Gary Noble, a planner with the City of Nanaimo, “This is an outstanding example of an innovative and collaborative approach to achieve a ‘design with nature' outcome on an industrial site. We asked the project development team to recognize the coal mining heritage of the area, retain the existing tree buffer, and be creative. They achieved all three!”

Consistent with the heritage theme, roof drainage is conveyed via a sluice box structure that discharges onto a rock garden.

City of nanaimo - inland kenworth -

An adjacent wetland on the east side of the site receives rainwater runoff from the building roof and parking lot. The parking lot includes swale filters around its perimeter.

“The building was re-sited to preserve the tree buffer,” explains Noble, “Also, the offices have a view of the trees. This results in a pleasing work environment.”

City of nanaimo - inland kenworth - drainage feature

Inland Kenworth is one of three City of Nanaimo projects that will be featured as part of Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2007 Series. On September 14, the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo will be co-hosting the first of three events that comprise  the series. For the complete story on the Nanaimo program, please click here.


Posted August 2007