Land at Victoria Airport will be developed for offices and warehousing


NORTH SAANICH – Almost 30 acres of airport land along Mills Road will be developed into an office and warehousing area for two big-name local companies, Thrifty Foods and Victorian Epicure. “This will be a first class development with first class tenants,” said Richard Paquette, CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority.

The land was previously designated as a business park with the intention of attracting high-tech companies, but that demand never arrived. North Saanich council agreed to amend the permitted land uses to allow functions like logistics, distribution, and warehousing.

The development would see Thrifty’s lease 19 acres and build a 50,000 square foot corporate office along with a 200,000 square foot warehouse for wholesale food distribution and logistics. Victorian Epicure’s 9.85 acres would hold a 15,000 square foot office and an 85,000 square foot production building for warehousing, packaging and distribution. Both companies would sign on for minimum 50 year leases. Paquette said that they estimated the two operations would create 550 jobs.

Paquette told council that landscaping along Mills Road would help lessen the impact of the buildings. “We want to respect the appearance and views from Mills Road,” he said. Both buildings would be built to LEED principles, including a rainwater management system similar to that used in the terminal building. 

By Cat George
Peninsula News Review