Smart Bylaws Guide for British Columbia Municipalities:

Many municipalities and developers in B.C. are emerging as North American leaders in smart growth practices at the regional and local scale. Residents are demanding more choices in housing, and in the quality of neighbourhoods and job opportunities. In recognition of this leadership role, West Coast Environmental Law has developed a comprehensive web-based “Smart Bylaws Guide” to help local governments implement smart growth strategies through policy and bylaw changes.

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Post-project monitoring of BMPs/SUDS to determine performance and whole-life costs

This Water Environment Research Foundation report by LK Lampe, entitled “Post-project monitoring of BMPs/SUDS to determine performance and whole-life costs”, states that, over the past 20 years, the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the United States has been instrumental in reducing both the detrimental impacts to receiving water quality and the exacerbated flooding caused by urbanization and storm water drainage. More recently, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) have started to be used in the United Kingdom.

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Source and on-site controls for municipal drainage systems

The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure recently released another in its “best practice” series. “Source and On-Site Controls for Municipal Drainage Systems” provides a brief overview of the rationale behind stormwater management programs, and explains why implementing run-off controls is important in a sustainable development context.

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Green Infrastructure in British Columbia: the province’s perspective

Michael Zbarsky, with the Municipal Engineering Services Branch of the BC Ministry of Community Services, delivered a presentation outlining the province’s perspective on green infrastructure to a 2005 Joint AGM in Burnaby. The AGM had a green infrastructure theme, and was of special interest to municipal engineers, planners, and others interested in introducing green infrastructure to their communities.

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