Implementing Green Infrastructure in British Columbia through Policies and Bylaws


Building on the momentum generated by an October 2006 presentation to the Sustainable Region Initiative Task Force, the Green Infrastructure Partnership brought its ‘design with nature’ message to an audience of 80-plus at a GVRD Sustainability Community Breakfast on December 13, 2006. The presentation team was led by West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and comprised segments dealing with talk, action and law. For the complete story, please click here.

Presentation road map - gvrd sustainability breakfast , dec 2006

Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Region Initiative, monthly breakfast meetings provide an ongoing opportunity for network and partnership building while at the same time building awareness and understanding of urban sustainability challenges, bringing together individuals and organizations interested in the sustainability of the Greater Vancouver region.

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation  (WCEL),
 one of four organizations that comprise the Green Infrastructure Partnership, is developing a guide Susan rutherford - gvrd breakfasdt, dec 2006that will assist local governments build on success to date by sharing legal and policy solutions / lessons learned by local governments that have been innovative in implementing engineered green infrastructure. “The guide focus is on case studies / examples that demonstrate how local governments have addressed liability/risk concerns, and are moving forward with monitoring and adaptive management consistent with the approach/methodology laid out in the Stormwater Planning: A  Guidebook for British Columbia“, stated Susan Rutherford, the West Coast representative on the Steering Committee.

Because the way we develop land determines how water is used and how water runs off the land, the desire to mitigate environmental impacts has provided a driver for the ‘green infrastructure’ movement.

Green infrastructure partnership - gvrd sustainability breakfast, dec 2006

Posted December 2006