Sustainability Street Project at the University of British Columbia


UBC sustainability street - before & after in 2006 

The Sustainability Street Project on Stores Road is an opportunity for the University of British Columbia  to showcase the ideas and technologies developed and studied within the university, creating a gallery of invention and innovation that accentuates the interdependencies between people, infrastructure and the environment. For the complete story, please click here.

UBC sustainability street - where we are going

Sustainability Street will collect wastewaster from adjacent buildings and treat it with the Smart Microbial Process to a quality suitable for re-use. In addition, ground source heat pumps will use geo-exchange heating and cooling technology to condition a portion of the adjacent Earth and Ocean Sciences building – replacing one of the building's three natural gasfuelled hot water boilers. The water will then be discharged to the constructed rain garden and allowed to infiltrate back into the ground, closing the loop. Finally, biodiesel from waste cooking oil will be used to economically and efficiently fuel campus maintenance vehicles.


Posted November 2006