Green Infrastructure Partnership announces development of “Topsoil Law and Policy and Technical Primer Set”


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Topsoil – A Fundamental Building Block

An absorbent topsoil layer has emerged as a fundamental building block for achieving water sustainability outcomes through implementation of green infrastructure practices. In this case, the targeted water sustainability outcomes are: less irrigation water use; and reduced rainwater runoff.

In November 2009, the Green Infrastructure Partnership announced that it is developing a Topsoil Law and Policy and Technical Primer Set

“The Topsoil Ray fung (120p)Primer set reflects and incorporates the experience and lessons learned by the City of Surrey, the City of Courtenay and the District of North Vancouver in pioneering implementation of absorbent landscape policies and requirements. Also, these municipalities provide both the greenfield and retrofit perspectives,” states Raymond Fung, GIP Chair.

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Posted December 2009