Win-Win Transportation Solutions

Posted December 2005
In December 2005, the Victoria Transport Policy Institute issued a report entitled Win-Win Emission Reductions: Smart Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies Can Achieve Kyoto Targets And Provide Other Economic, Social And Environmental Benefits. Prepared by Todd Litman, the report was presented as a contribution to the 11th United Nations climate change conference held in Montreal. 

The report identifies Win-Win Transportation Solutions as cost-effective, and technically feasible market reforms that help solve transportation problems by increasing consumer options and removing market distortions that cause inefficient travel patterns. They can provide many social, environmental, and economic benefits. If implemented to the degree that is economically justified, Win-Win Transportation Solutions could achieve the transportation component of Kyoto emission reduction targets, while stimulating economic development and reducing other problems such as traffic congestion and accidents. This paper discusses the win-win concept and describes a dozen excellent win-win strategies.
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